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My name is Sarah Jenkinson

My longing to understand the “whys” about daily life has propelled me to be a seeker and questioner. Even as a young person, my mind often wandered into realms of the philosophic or existential. It used to make me feel like quite the odd duck. I mean, few people these days are particularly interested in, say, mythic archetypes.

But I was. And so I read the works of Joseph Campbell and Rudolph Steiner. I completed an Honours BA in Celtic Cultural Studies at the University of Toronto. I did years of research on mythology, history and archetypal imagery – mostly for my own interest. I thought it was a hobby. But then, slowly, the ideas synthesized, the research showed commonalities, and the pieces began to fit together…

Until, like a dot-to-dot puzzle, the bigger picture came into focus.

Fast Forward
To Mid-November 2014

It was 3 a.m.

At least, I think it was 3 a.m.

I was sitting in the dark, nursing my then-four-month-old. My mind was wandering. Stray thoughts came and went as I dozed in and out of sleep. Mostly those thoughts were of the “remember to pick up milk and take out the trash” variety.

But then, out of nowhere, my mind caught fire.

My eyes widened in the dark, staring at nothing in the blackness, yet completely transfixed as I “watched” the puzzle pieces arrange themselves in my mind.

The cyclical rhythm of the year had always been deeply important to me, and I’d always made it a point to live my life mindful of these cycles.

But that night, sitting in the dark, not only did I realize how and why these things were fundamentally connected to the history, literature, myths, and folklore that I’d studied in university, but I suddenly also understood how and why they were connected to every aspect of our daily lives.

I sat there for what felt like forever, baby long since back to sleep, but me not quite able to get up.

It seemed so simple. Maybe too simple? How had I not noticed this before?

The thoughts and connections tumbled over one another, each trying to get to the front of my mind as quickly as possible. I finally got up from my chair, put the baby down and tip-toe ran for my notebook.

I jotted down as much as my sleep-deprived brain would allow, and I sketched a little diagram beside.

I was excited and nervous about this sudden, incredible understanding that I’d somehow downloaded from who-knows-where, but I worried that it was just the sleep-deprived ravings of my middle-of-the-night mind.

So I refined my ideas, developing a framework, and then hesitantly shared what I was developing with my sister. Always my barometer, if anyone was going to look at me sideways and call me “crazypants,” surely it would be her.

I showed her my little diagram and began explaining the connections between our daily lives and the seasonal rhythms of the year.

When I was done I waited for her to respond. She blinked, looking again at my illustration.

And when the first words out of her mouth were: “How is this not a thing? Like, how has nobody noticed this before?”

I knew right then that I was onto something that held value for anyone who was open to learning about these simple connections and then applying this framework to their lives.

And so Seasontide was born.

A lot more work has gone into fleshing out these connections, researching, and developing this framework since that night.

And I now use my Seasontide framework to teach sensitive women how to bridge the gap between the rational and the magical, so that they can find ease in their to-do lists, purpose in their days, and a soul-nourishing way to reach their goals with less hustle and more flow.

I’m out to rid the world of that hollow, “what’s the point” feeling, and let all women know that it’s okay to believe in magical things unseen, and focus on the everyday, rational stuff, too, in order to accomplish their goals, without hustle and stress.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other! You can be sensitive & introverted AND amazingly, spaciously successful in every part of your life.

Let me show you how you can get your conscious/rational mind on board with the seasonal archetypes and universal cycles that are affecting you on a subconscious level every single day.

If you KNOW you’re affected by seasonal rhythms, but you don’t know why, if you’re tired of swimming against the unpredictable current of life, and are ready to learn how to work with these energies rather than fighting against them, then make yourself at home because you’re in the right place.

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