It’s Absolutely Okay to have No Plans for the Solstice

by | Summer

You don’t have to be perfect.

I just wanted to start with that.

Because the Summer Solstice is tomorrow.

And I know that for every one person planning an al fresco, picnic dinner party with friends to celebrate, there are ten times as many people that worry they might not get a chance to celebrate at all.

And it’s not because they don’t want to. And it’s not because they don’t prioritize their spiritual practice.

It’s just that well… LIFE.

Maybe the forecast is calling for pouring rain.

Maybe your kids are sick.

Maybe YOU are sick.

Maybe you work a 9-5 job and taking an entire Wednesday off to celebrate just isn’t feasible.

There could be any number of reasons why tomorrow may not be a good day for you to celebrate the Summer Solstice, even if you really want to.

Even if marking the solstice is really important and meaningful for you.

I want you to know that it’s okay.

You can still celebrate the Solstice on Thursday… or Friday… or a week from now, and get the same benefits.

Because the Summer Solstice isn’t necessarily about the Solstice itself.

(Well it is, but it isn’t.)

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What’s actually important here is the meaning that the solstice holds for YOU. The meaning that it creates and evokes IN you.

It’s about acknowledging a point in the year, roughly halfway through, where you can look back at all that’s been this year so far, and forward at what’s still to come.

A point for you to bask in the gloriously long days and the apex of outward energy.

A point for you to stop and celebrate the exuberant vitality of life at full tilt.

Even if it’s in a small way that’s not elaborate at all.

Even if there’s no huge bonfire or sunset drum circle.

Even if you can’t do anything till next Tuesday.

Give yourself permission to celebrate YOUR WAY.

Give yourself permission to feel the seasonal archetypes in your bones and flow with their energy in your daily life.

Sometimes all it takes is a brief moment of silence under the noon sun while you eat your lunch.

Or maybe it’s just you and your journal, looking back at the first half of the year before you go to bed.

No where is it written that for you to have a deeply meaningful spiritual journey, that it must also be PERFECT.

Because who’s idea of perfect are you trying to live up to anyway?

Aligning your life with the seasons is not about perfection. It’s not about having to rearrange your entire life to make it work.

And it definitely shouldn’t be yet another source of stress in your life.

Instead, how about we look at our everyday lives, our simple waking moments, as being a ritual themselves.

That way, no matter where you are, no mater what the situation, you can honour this point in the year, right where you are, in your own personally meaningful way.

Now that sounds like a cause for celebration.